11 11月, 2013

[小客棧之小心打到頭使用守則] “Watch Your Head” Visitor Guidelines for the Little Inn

“Watch Your Head” Visitor Guidelines for the Little Inn
  1. Introduction
Something you often hear at the Little Inn is “watch your head!” This one-story house is indeed short. A black stone wall in the front encloses a small yard in which there is a large wooden table and a hanging wooden bed. Upon walking into the small hallway on the side of the house, one gets a glimpse of all kinds of vegetables growing in the backyard garden. Inside, there are two rooms, a living room, a kitchen and numerous bathrooms.
*The first Little Inn was sold to a local named Ina and is now called the La Ke Inn.
For details, please see the related article at http://dulanfung.blogspot.tw/2011/04/blog-post_23.html

Now, we’d like to introduce our second Little Inn which continues the same idea of bringing an idle one-story house on the east coast back to life.


2.Share Your Happiness and Bear Your Sorrows Together
Sorry, but this is not a resort. Our concept is one of “help-yourself” living, which means that this place is like your own home, so you do anything that needs to be done. That is, you make your tea, you get your water, you sweep the floor, you take out the trash, you wash your clothes and so on. We uphold the principles of defending the weak as well as sharing happiness and bearing sorrows together in relation to the environment and other guests. Basically, we hold to common bathroom principles: think of the next user, leaving everything clean and in order upon exiting.

看見隔壁的伯伯,別害羞,92歲的伯伯,很會爬樹,看見黑色的狗只有一種叫法,就是:小黑!伯伯耳朵有點聽不清楚,一定要大聲跟他打招呼!要用演唱會真心吶喊的那種音量。對面鄰居是’’骨力’’(台語:勤勞)一家人,有骨力爸跟骨力姆啊還有隔壁美髮院的小女兒。這家人的發語詞都是「ㄎㄢˋ」他們從綠島到都蘭落地生根已經很久了, 有機會在小客棧看到他們出入,當然也可以點頭示意囉。最重要的是,保護這些可愛的鄰居,夜間11點過後就該小小聲說話啦!

3.Say Hi!
Don’t be shy when you see the old man next door. He may be 92, but he sure can climb a tree! To him, every black dog he sees is named “Blackie”. He doesn’t hear so well, so you’ve got to greet him loudly (like as loud as when you’re cheering at a concert)! The family across the street is hard-working. There’s the father, the mother and their daughter next door who runs a hair salon. Be aware that the word “f---” very often finds its way into their everyday communication. They moved to Dulan from Green Island a long time ago. If you see them while you’re here, be sure to offer at least a nod of the head. Most importantly, please keep your voices low after 11:00 p.m. for the sake of all our adorable neighbors!

請自備毛巾、牙刷、筷子,我們不做環保, 只是不喜歡浪費。後來發現其實很多事,都不需要別人幫我們準備,而自己就可以安頓得很好的。

4.Love the Earth and Yourself
Please bring your own towel, toothbrush and chopsticks. We’re not environmentalist fanatics, we just don’t like to waste things. We’ve realized that we don’t actually need other people to provide us with these items, and we can make do by ourselves just fine.


Please forgive us if we don’t respond to your online booking requests immediately. We suggest making reservations by calling us at 0928-040-114.


6.A Silent Existence
We do not allow non-guest visitors or interviewers into the Little Inn out of respect for those staying here. The Little Inn wishes merely to silently exist. Thank you for respecting our wishes.

響應自助式生活者- 一天400/人

400 nt per day per guest